Friday, August 17, 2007

"I surrenduhrrr!!"

Kudos to Colin Geddes over at Kung Fu Fridays for uncovering this little gem on Youtube. It's a segment of "Movie World" hosted by venerable Hong Kong film critic Paul Fonoroff, and it deals with the dubbing of English movies into Cantonese and Hong Kong movies into English back in the halcyon days of the late 80's. Best of all, those of use who first experienced John Woo's seminal THE KILLER in its English dubbed incarnation can finally put faces to the "voices" of Chow Yun-fat and Danny Lee.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hong Kong: Outside In #1

Director: James Fargo
Cinematographer: Rexford L. Metz


Camilla Griggs, Chuck Norris, Lloyd Kino

The philosophy of Chuck Norris (as Josh Randall): "Hong Kong. A borrowed place on borrowed time. The British run it for now, but in 17 years, the lease runs out and the People's Republic is the landlord. But this is a city of survivors, and whatever happens, Hong Kong will always be THE place."

The other philosophy of Chuck Norris (as Josh Randall): "Never let your girl handle your piece."